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Telehealth Appointments

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Sunshine State Serenity Counseling & Wellness Center is now offering Telehealth therapy sessions via video or phone!

HIPAA compliant, safe and confidential. Telehealth sessions also offer many other benefits such as;

- Improves accessibility and provides better quality of care in faster time frame with convenience and the comfort of the clients’ own environment.

- Reduces gaps in services since it is far more accessible.

- Allows clients to access help from anywhere, decreasing the travel and transportation stress.

- Decreases long waiting lists and addresses issues when they are in need.

With the stress of COVID causing burden on us physically, financially, and mentally Telehealth appointments give our clients and providers peace of mind while getting the services they need and deserve.

Our hope is to ensure everyone is getting the essential care they deserve and need in these times of uncertainty. As well as the proper advice on how to cope so that we may all pull through this together.

Call, text or email someone at Serenity Counseling today to book your appointment!


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